Handcrafted Kashmiri Copperware. Hand etched Kashmiri copper products. Authentic Handmade Kashmiri arts and crafts.

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Browse through our hand-curated selection of authentic and genuine Kashmiri products. Each piece is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir, and we are proud to share their stories and products with the world.


Local Makers & Artisans

 We work closely with the local artisans to ensure that their unique skills and techniques are showcased in every piece they create


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All the expenses are already taken into account, so you don’t have to pay any hidden charges.


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We deliver our products all over the globe. So, enjoy browsing and leave the rest to us.



Discover the artisanal wonders of our handcrafted store’s featured products. We take immense pride in curating a collection that showcases the skill and passion of talented artisans from the valley.

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Taking Proper Care of Wooden Products

Taking Proper Care of Wooden Products

 Wooden utensils are a timeless and essential part of many kitchens, offering both beauty and functionality. To ensure they last a lifetime, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to take proper care of your wooden kitchen tools. 1. Cleaning After Use: After each use,...

A Timeless Tradition of Beauty and Creativity

A Timeless Tradition of Beauty and Creativity

Kashmir, the picturesque valley nestled in the northernmost part of India, is not just known for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, but also for its exquisite arts and crafts. For centuries, Kashmiri artisans have been creating masterpieces...

“Unveiling the Enchanting Tapestry: Kashmir Arts “

“Unveiling the Enchanting Tapestry: Kashmir Arts “

Nestled deep within the grand Himalayas lies a rare gem, a place of unparalleled beauty that has captivated the hearts of nature enthusiasts throughout the ages. This wondrous place is none other than Kashmir, the little Switzerland of Asia, renowned for its lush...